Bungie separates from Activision | Maintains Rights to Destiny

What has become more and more clear as of late is that Activision is no longer the company we all believed it to be. The once thriving and self sustaining gaming behemoth that outlasted many of it’s competitors from the early ages of gaming is finally starting to meet it’s match.. itself. Almost ten years ago Activision solidified itself as one of the brightest companies in the gaming industry by inking Bungie to a ten year deal that put the giant who is owned by Activision Blizzard in the drivers seat to publish several iterations of Bungie’s upcoming franchise at the time, Destiny. This deal was a massive blow to Electronic Arts but was an even bigger loss for Microsoft who owned Bungie at the time and published it’s games through the Microsft Game Studios brand. They also solely developed games for their own Xbox 360 platform limiting the reach of the games that Bungie was producing. This deal allowed Bungie to spread across all platforms and become a true multiplatform gaming leader.

But now just short of the ten year deal it seems as the working relationship has soured and Bungie steps away while maintaining the Destiny franchise that has been a massive hit with over 50 million games and expansions being delivered world wide. On top of the intellectual ownership of the game Bungie will also retain publishing rights to the property as well. “With our remarkable Destiny community, we are ready to publish on our own, while Activision will increase their focus on owned IP projects.” said a Bungie Spokesperson.

The release has already begun and is it’s primary stages with both companies wanting the handoff to be as issue free as possible. Bungie has already expressed their excitement over this all and have made it a point to announce that there will be more seasonal experiences in the upcoming months. Blizzard Customer Service has also come out to ensure all players of the franchise that they will continue to receive support on Battlenet and that they do not expect for their to be any interruptions of service or any other issues moving forward. Bungie has also made it very clear that they will be releasing a 3rd installment of this game franchise in the future. Following all these updates and releases the director of Destiny 2 Luke Smith tweeted out this..

A famous quote from the original Destiny game.

Some people believe that this split has been caused by Destiny 2 not performing as well as Activision had hoped. But a growing majority is placing blame for the subpar performance alongside many other self-inflicted short comings being produced by Activision due to the horrible leadership of the company. This leadership and their way of thinking has led to a quantity before quality way of producing work and it has showed with game after game being released with questionable integrity and a gross lack of acceptance by their intended audiences.

At the close of trading today the value of Activisions stock sat at $51.35. Once the split was announced it’s value dropped 7% and is now sitting at $48. The dip extends an already negative new year for Activision. With so many people watching the outcome of this you can only wonder if Blizzard could possibly pull off a separation from Activision as well to try an save the once pinnacle of game producing studios that has slowly been filled with the corporate sludge that Activision has used to destroy the artistic side of the studios they take over. There was a very clear expression of that today when the announcement was made and the explosion from the Bungie staff as reported by Jason Schreier was a statement in itself.

In 2018, Bungie struck a deal with Chinese internet company NetEase to establish the game maker as a “global, multi-franchise entertainment company.” Bungie received a $100 million investment from NetEase to help the studio build new teams and new worlds, Bungie CEO Pete Parsons said at the time.

Things are looking up for Bungie and Activision continues to take on water with no relief in sight.

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