FR Legends Full Review | VGUSesko

With the fall of the Racing Rivals empire among us a lot of those racers are scrambling looking for a game to get into. The VGU team is open to any suggestions and this was one of the first ones we got from our readers. This game is actually way more fun then what we would have believed it to be and the depth to which you can build the cars is just as immersive. This is a bit different from the Racing Rivals platform because this game is a drift game but it’s a welcomed breath of fresh air from what we have been used to for ages.

The graphics of the game are a bit plain but it’s done on purpose. It gives the game a real Jet Set Radio vibe that really makes the game pop with the vibrant colors that are splashed onto your screen. The comical smoke really will bring a smile to your face as you finally learn how to smoke the tires and earn the highest possible points that you can helping you build and tune your car into the winners circle.

We created a quick run through video showcasing the game and some of it’s best features. Please take a moment to like share and subscribe to our YouTube channel through the video below.


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