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As with all great things in life those things are usually something you have to wait for. Work on this 1320 reboot started almost two years ago with a few videos of TechX messing around on YouTube and are finally starting to come to a head with the takeover of work by Hunter. Kinard has done an amazing job of piecing together the history of the game and they are finally getting the working version of the game to where it’s playable and enjoyable. There are still a lot of issues like on our side we can’t use the in game chat because we used some characters that won’t allow our chat to update but there are a lot of people who have been using the chat and who very much enjoy it.

One of the biggest aspects of the game that made it so enjoyable was the chat. So we are hoping that they can figure out the little issues that have been affecting our ability to chat with other users. The racing is awesome though and really brings back some great memories. You can enjoy us racing via our YouTube video below.

All in all the game has some really great promise. Whether or not the team behind it’s reboot can complete it will be a whole issue in itself. But piece by piece they are getting somewhere that we haven’t been for two years now. It’s been ages since most of us took part in the 1320 Challenge so even being able to get past the login screen brings back some great memories. The version of the game they are building off of is one of the older versions so it’s missing some of the things you may have remembers from later version of the 1320 Challenge. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that you are racing on a game that’s been dead for more then a decade.

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