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As the game we have come to love continues to grow the way that the admins who run the game get in contact with their user base has also found a way to mutate and be modified. These modifications and these adaptations have taken us from the Forums that GLU hardly took care of to the depths of the interwebs with our first official Reddit threads going live. We’ve also seen them take us to YouTube, Twitch and now back to Facebook for our weekly sit down and enjoy sessions.

This post though is about the newest way that the admins from Carbonated are trying to reach out and bridge the gap between creators and players. Discord is an amazing application that since day one of it’s use on the Racing Rivals community it has continued to get strong and stronger and with the admin support to boot the community on Discord will continue to expand.

One of the main admins who is leading the charge behind the support for Discord is our own Daniel Powell.

The chat system itself is somewhat reminiscent of the old AOL Chat rooms. Broken down by subject they give everyone somewhere to be. Now there is no Buying/Selling/Trading in the chat. But that doesn’t take away from the atmosphere or support available. So if you need some where to call home and would like to see some involvement from the admins at Carbonated then this new spot is where you should be.

The server has a number of channels that you can take part in all with their own reason for existing.

To join the Discord and to take part in the fun just click on any of the images in this article and get ready to represent!

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