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With so many new things hitting the game at the same time it’s sometimes easy to miss some of the nicer more enjoyable areas of the game. Especially if you don’t take the time to read the news updates that are flashed upon login. This week there are going to be a few events in game that will coincide with one of the most amazing events to take place in North America for car enthusiasts. Rennsport Reunion VI represents the largest gathering of Porsche enthusiast in the world. This is a festival dedicated to one of the greatest sport car brands ever created. This event will give people the chance to engage with thousands of Porsche enthusiasts, drivers and legends. Whether attending in person or participating from afar, Rennsport Reunion VI will be the largest ever gathering of all things Porsche. It will take place September 27th-30th at the historic Laguna Seca race track in Monterey, California. The admin team at Carbonated have decided to part of this celebration to the Racing Rivals 1320. Over the course of the actual event you will have the opportunity to complete 4 daily challenges made up of h2h races, beat the time races and even ladder races. If you complete a days event you will be rewarded a flag bearing that days number which will add up to obtain a special prize at the end of the actual event.

Two members of the Carbonated team will be attending the event in person and will be sharing photos with the Racing Rivals community on both their Facebook and their Instagram page. One of the best things about them attending this event will be the amazing vehicles there providing inspiration on a level that you can’t get out of just surfing looking for images on Google for cars you would like to bring to the game.

The day one event which will reward you with the collectible flag #1 is now LIVE and you can jump on game to take part. We were able to make quick work of the event and even made a small video showcasing the final ladder challenge being beaten by our Orange Krush Lamborghini.

On top of the live event they also have added new crates to the game that feature some of the beautiful Porsche vehicles that will be featured at this weekends event. We took a screen shot to show you one of the vehicles you can grab from these crates.

On top of these new Rennsport crates there is also a new package deal available that comes with all kinds of amazing goodies. We went ahead and took a screen shot of this too to show you what you can expect from these crates.

With this package not only do you get the Porsche 918 Spyder but you also walk away with 8 special paints 4 Rennsport Shipyard crates, 4 carbon wrenches and an additional 40 Porsche badges to help you obtain any of the collection Porsche’s that may have eluded you until now. These deal crates really do pack a punch to your wallet but they also do deliver an outstanding bang for your buck. We will try our best to update daily about the event and how easy or how hard it will be to complete the events for that day.

Best of luck to all racers!


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