Racing Rivals World Tour

Racing Rivals was long rumored to be heading towards a name change but it was unclear in what direction the admins would be taking the game name wise. And now today thanks to a few of our members they pushed this info to us and we were able to download the video and then host it on our YouTube channel for easy sharing.

Racing Rivals will now be called the Racing Rivals World Tour! This new name will go hand in hand with one of the biggest aspects of the game which would be the rotating globe that everyone is so excited to send spinning. Whether or not this was meant to be put out there we can’t help but be very excited over this name switch up. You might also have noticed that the logo has also gotten some what of a make over giving it a much cooler and smoother look. This also coincides with the new app store icon which features a cool blue color surrounding a white Porsche which also begs the question.. is Porsche coming?

Well thanks to even more leaked info and photos we can now CONFIRM that Porsche will be in the 7.0 update to the game!!!!!

We will keep trying to get as much news as we can and if you happen to stumble across anything please be sure to send it in so we can share the love and appreciation.

Info Contributions – James ” The Royal Purple Champ ” Beltran

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