At last Its dripfeed week in Grand theft auto five online and we have seen the release of two new vehicles, The Overflod Tyrant and The Vapid Dominator GTX, the Tyrant cost a massive $2,515,000 and the Dominator cost $725,000, add another $300,000 each for addding custom options and your ready to go, if you are to buy both and mod them up you are looking at spending staggering $3.8 million, thats alot of grinding or whatever to afford both vehicles no matter how much you love them, so you may just want to buy one,but which one has value for money?.

The Tyrant is beautiful, but the third most expensive car without weapons in the game, its based off the Apollo Arrow in real life, it has a fair amount of custom options at 16, nothing out of the ordinary, it has a top speed of 124mph which is decent, but its strong point is its handling, i think its one of the best at taking corners, but overall if you can justify spending that much on a non weaponized vehicle its for its looks,it is beautiful, in the words of the mechanic at Los Santos “if that car was a woman i would kiss her”.

The Vapid Dominator GTX, yes its cheaper than the Tyrant but its still very expensive for a muscle car in the game, thought to be designed with the Ford Mustang Sixth generation,Dodge Charger & the Chevrolet Camaro in mind,the custom choices are better than the Tyrant with a massive 22 options and some interesting ones such as the sticker bomb design which is also very odd for a muscle car, there is no livery option which i think is disapointing,now for speed, i managed to get the Dominator up to 106mph not a bad top speed for its class, overall a nice car.

Now which one would i buy over the other?, if i wanted a fast,nice looking car (and i do) its The Tyrant,its good to drive,expensive yes but worth it,thats not to take anything away from the GTX, if you are looking for a well designed more modern muscle car then the GTX is the vehicle for you BUT im not so i pick the Overflod Tyrant.

I have made videos on both vehicles on my YouTube channel


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