Cheaters Begin To Fall – Part 1

We don’t normally get to do this because all the proof needed is not normally available but today we are blessed.

Earlier tonight the user J 0 N Z E E had a weird occurance happen during his race.

Disqualified doesnt always signify a cheater but thankfully this race was checked and the log reviewed and in fact the account had been using Game Guardian to run glitched almost auto foul times.

To top it off it was made known that this account was associated with the account that had been selling J 0 N Z E E vehicles for turf.

This account I FOYA LAGOSKA was also banned due to glitched won vehicles being transfered to it. Which is one of the accounts they used to sell vehicles.

The group he was selling in was Open Market Revamped. (This does not mean the group is bad it just needs to be made aware.)

Please alert these people he is using them as garage vouches.

We hope this helps prevent some of you all from being banned for buying vehicles from a GG user. Please also be understanding this was not something that can be done all the time and not something that all the proof will be available for.

God bless and have a great turf!

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