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I can’t even begin to count the number of times that someone has come to me or a member of the VGU team and said “I wish I had a Racing Rivals T-Shirt!”. Well through countless trials and a ton of errors we now are able to offer out Racing Rivals Racers T-Shirt to the public. We tried a number of variations and even had to apply for a permit to allow us to use this image on the shirt but in the end we really and fully believe it to have all been worth it. We posted this shirt just a week or so ago now and have already sold over 30 shirts and counting.

The design is super nice and very clean with the Racing Rivals logo prominent in the front right of the shirt. You will also have a ghosted on the back middle of the shirt.

And size is not an issue, they offer anything from size Small to 5xl for the big guys.

If you happen to order one of these shirts we would love to see a photo of you wearing your shirt and if you send it to us we will house it on the site and share it with everyone.

To order your shirt today please click on either the image of the shirt or the size chart or follow the URL below all of which will take you directly to our Teespring store.

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