Racing Rivals | Mitsubishi Evo VIII | Max Rating

From the beginning of time there have always been things that will absolutely drive a man wild. From Eve with her stupid apple to any ex girlfriend that drove you to almost pulling your hair out of your head. Racing Rivals much like life is no different. When it comes to racing some cars on the game most have their ups and downs and you can try to power your way through them with a smile. But then there are bastard child heaps of misfortune like the bloody Mitsubishi Evo VIII that are nothing short of the nightmares that even Freddie and Jason don’t want to deal with. With it’s late first before second light launch and it’s must over rev first followed by a myriad of changing shift points that only lead you into the mind numbing top off of gear ratios that will get even the most sane of us to curse out loud wondering what dumbass decided this is how the car should work, the Evo VIII is nothing short of the gold standard when it comes to cars you don’t want to race. However, in part this all of this is what makes this car one of the most fun and most mentally rewarding vehicles to try to tame.

When you first try to learn the Evo VIII you will quickly realize that this is NOT going to be a quick once over. This vehicle will take some dedication and some persistence to get to where you can dominate in it and not just pass time donating cars to you peers. Below you will find a setup that was handed down to me by some of the better racers in the game with the Evo VIII followed by a quick video from the VGU team showcasing just how you run the vehicle.

  • Engine – B B B B C B A C A
  • Turbo – C C C C A S
  • Exhaust – B B B
  • Drivetran – C C B A S
  • Intake – C B C
  • Nitrous – A 2
  • Weight – A
  • Tires NT05R
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