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We once believed the the empire which we knew as GLU was tumbling and would never regain it’s footing. But what they have done as of late is nothing short of a hail mary miracle. With some believing it was more due to the changes in leadership then it was the actual decisions being made one thing is for certain and that is that GLU as a company is not going down swinging. They trimmed all the fat that they could even canceling the once promising Facebook run off Car Town. After they destroyed the game that had been built and only beta tested the mutilated version in a few countries the game was axed much like the motocross game they had tried to have follow up the award winning and long running Racing Rivals franchise. What is left after all of these sacrifices is nothing but the money makers they knew they could count on. After handing off the Racing Rivals franchise to the upstart Carbonated based of Los Angeles what they were left with has kept them afloat as they rebuilt and readied up for what looks like a come back that might make some waves in the water.

The Kim Kardashian game has done what none of the other wannabee games could and that is keep the game interesting and afloat. Whether it be Kim’s massive online reach or the fact that this game wasn’t forced onto a studio that was only used to making one type of game and were then asked to make something they knew nothing about the result speaks for itself. GLU whiffed majorly on the Brittney Spears, Taylor Swift and took a fastball to the head on the Katy Perry game when Katy did absolutely NOTHING to try and support the game which even though was made by a dedicated Racing studio (formerly CIE Studios) the GLU Long Beach studio gave it their all and even included the two sharks that we all couldn’t get enough a few years back.

Following in the historic success of the Kim game the long running Tap Sports has also continued to produce in a big way for the fallen giant. With little to no visual upgrades and honestly just a repackaged version of the previous years game this addicting sports game will not let you come up for air once you get attached to it.

With actual licensed teams and real players from the major leagues it blows most competitors out of the water in terms of game content. Even bringing back some oldies but goodies does nothing more then make you want to spend even more time and cash on the game even if it is just a rebranded version of last years game. What GLU has managed to do with this franchise is exactly what EA had done for years with Madden leaving it’s users none the wiser.

Now with many of the stock watchers of the world being even more optimistic about GLU then ever before it’s hard to count these guys or the teams that are helping them crawl their way back out of the black hole out of the game. With some really big projects just having been announced like GLU’s partnership with Disney which will be a massive undertaking it’s only a matter of time before we get some real understanding of how the chips will fall for them. If there was ever a time to get behind someone and to invest, this just might be it.

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