Avengers Infinity War – **SPOILERS** Don’t Come In Here!

Before we even begin it must be noted that this is honestly one of the most hyped movies in recent history. With the success of the Black Panther movie what Marvel has done is basically left the DC cast and crew left wondering if they will ever recover and come to terms with permanently being second best and this whole super hero movie thing.

Now that the shot at DC is out of the way let’s just get down to what everyone wants to know.

Loki dies. I think the world basically knew that the character that most of us had grown to love to hate played by the amazing Tom Hiddleston had earned this outcome. This being the MCU though who really knows. With the way the movie ends it’s really no real stretch to believe that anyone from any where at any time could some how be pulled from the trenches and returned to their glory or as it will seem the second part will show.

The Hulk goes toe to toe with Thanos and gets his ass handed to him. It is such a bad ass whipping that honestly this is the last time you see the green guy for the rest of the film. Later on in the movie you see Banner wearing the Hulk armor suit but it’s just him and not the monster in there. As the movie goes on it gets to be more clear that the Hulk is almost afraid of coming out of Banner.

One of the most seen scenes from the trailers is where Peter is watching the big ring object in the sky from a school bus. Guess who’s driving the bus? That’s right.. Stan Lee! He had to make an appearance in the movie and this was a good one.

Peter does make it to the big ring ship in the sky and nearly dies for doing so. He is only saved by Tony activating the Iron Spider Suit.

Gamora dies. Thanos, after obtaining the Reality Stone from The Collector (Thanos now has three stones), he separates the Guardians of the galaxy and takes Gamora. It should be noted that Thanos teleports all over the place throughout the movie, taking the action with him. He also has a couple sidekicks that take on individual Avengers to obtain stones. Thanos takes Gamora to his ship, where he is torturing Nebula. Eventually Gamora gives up the location of the Soul Stone. To retrieve it, Thanos has to sacrifice Gamora. She tries to kill herself but Thanos tosses her off a ledge on the Soul Stone planet and retrieves the stone. Four stones down, two to go.

Thor forges Stormbreaker. In the comic universe, Stormbreaker was originally created by Odin (with help from the Dwarves of Nidavellir) after Beta Ray Bill was found worthy of lifting Mjolnir. In the movie, Thor, Rocket and Groot visit a CGI dwarf played by Peter Dinklage to create the new hammer with a heart of a dying star. Thor does some things, gets burnt a bit and after Groot supplies the handle of the hammer, Thor has a new weapon to take on Thanos with.

Dr. Strange just gives Thanos the Time Stone. During the battle on Titan, in which Thanos again teleports to, Thanos almost loses the Infinity Gauntlet. Stark, Dr. Strange, the Guardians and Spider-Man (who spends a lot of time in space, thanks to a new suit from Stark) formulate a plan to separate Thanos from his Nintendo Power Glove. However, Star-Lord flips out when he learns of Gamora’s death and the plan is bonked. He beats the crap out of Iron Man and stabs Tony. In order to save him, Dr. Strange gives up the Time Stone because that seems totally logical. Spider-Man takes a whupping in this scene as well. Thanos now has five stones, making it look easy.

Vision dies. In order to hopefully prevent Thanos from getting the Mind Stone, the Scarlet Witch separates the Mind Stone from Vision, killing him in the process. Using the Time Stone, Thanos is able to go back to that moment, and snatches the Mind Stone. Before getting the stone, Thanos battles Captain America, who is defeated. For the moment, Steve seems to be alive but badly beaten. With that, Thanos now has all the Infinity Stones.

Stormbreaker doesn’t work. Arriving back on Earth, Thor is able to jab Thanos with Stormbreaker, thinking a nice sharp hammer through the gut should do the trick. Didn’t you learn anything from John Wick Thor? Always aim for the head. Thanos doesn’t die but instead snaps his massive fingers and disappears. He’s got to find Mikey and get that pirate treasure. No wait, he’s got to go fight Deadpool. No wait, he’s off to help The Collector take down drug cartels. Regardless, all seems lost.

Ash to ash, dust to dust. Spider-Man turns to ash in Tony’s arms, like the end of 30 Days of Night. We see Black Panther, Mantis, Drax, Bucky, Dr. Strange and Star-Lord all turn to ash. Everyone turns to freaking ash. Even Maria Hill and Nick Fury turn to ash in the after credits scene, as they watch the world around them turn to chaos. On Fury’s com screen, you do catch a glimpse of the Ms. Marvel logo, so that might give a hint as the fate of our heroes.

The mythos of the comics is pretty deep, but I’m almost sure the Avengers and friends are all trapped in some alternate death dimension and have to trick Thanos to get out. Nick Fury will probably just yell his way out. Though, for all we know, Ant-Man and Wasp could save everyone, since that’s the next film in the series.

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