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RR – The Truth About Farmers

This is going to be a bit of a long write up but it will be well worth the time. For more then 4 years now our game has been hustled by a plague of individuals who are doing nothing more then trying to provide for their families or trying to maintain habits. Much like it is in America or any where else you have a franchise with a leader and people that work under them. You have the people who grind out the work and those who take credit for the work. For years now we have seen hundreds of images of these guys smashed into a small area “farming” cars and mills from individuals.

What most people on the game or I should on the Facebook side of the game don’t know is how farming is done and why it turns such a cheap product out to it’s purchasers. To really understand the farming and why it’s in the state it is you first need to look at how it started. When Racing Rivals or Fueled Racing as it was first known started it was really easy to come across cash in the game. Unlike other pay to play games this ones initial releases were some what wide open as the mobile game had been designed and built by a well known and established pc studio who for the first time was diving into uncharted territory. A lot of the restrictions and user abuse that most people are used to would not be found in the initial releases from CIE because they honestly had little to know idea what they were doing. The early versions of the game were more about the experience and racing then they were about finding ways to squeeze every last dollar out of the pockets of the people playing the game.

As time went on CIE brought in people who had been in the mobile industry to help them “fine tune” aka MAKE DAT BANK SON through the game. These people quickly helped CIE establish ways the game could slowly require you to pay to play without it needing to be a necessity that you pay to play. In the long run they also slowed down the ability for people to earn racing rivals cash and eventually even hindered the players ability to earn gems as well. What this in turn did was created a need for which there used to now be one. The original and sustaining costs of both the in game currency and gems from either of the markets of Apple and Android when compared to the value and range of the items in game they could produce even during the early stages of the game were way out of wack. Even now some years later the gap that was once some what obvious is now a blinding example as to why the market and game has suffered so much as of late.

The outcome of this need was a supplier. A supplier the likes of which most people unless hardcore gamers had never seen before. What most people don’t know is that in some parts of the world a army can be built for a few bucks and for those of us who know the likes of Tasbi and Andi and Hammad those armies are usually well underpaid and vetted in finding ways to avoid paying taxes in their countries. But before these armies were built this process was founded by one or two individuals. What happened in the early stages of this whole process was nothing short of the American Dream. You had one person who discovered they could create in game cash and sell to others at a price that was way better then what was being asked of the racers by the game. The game sitting strong asking for $100.00 US for just 1 single million of in game cash was ripe for the taking and undercutting and that is exactly what happened. The first of these brave entrepreneurs hit the Facebook market with the ability to over a single million at half of what was being asked by the game. Originally labeled as some sort of a scam based off of nothing more then the sound of this being to good to be true these guys were normally black balled and expected to be some kind of scam. They didn’t give up though and actually cut their price to make the risk a bit more appealing. Little by little people began to take chances giving belief that some how some way these guys would be able to provide to them at a fraction of the cost what CIE was holding so high up.

As word began to spread the cost of these farmed mills began to fluctuate because at times they were out and at others they were sitting on to many. The original farmers began to see exactly what kind of possibility was here and the opportunity was one that they grabbed and ran with. Inviting a friend or two over to help make video game cash that would in turn be spun around and sold for more money then what most of them could make in a years time was a promise that to most probably sounded to good to be true. Yet here you had someone sitting in a chair smoking a cigar and eating steak that normally smoked camel lights and dissected stacks of rice that gave hope and belief to this hard to believe promise. One by one they would bring their friends to help and then it slowly began to transform from “Do you want to come help me make this money?” to “Do you want to come work for me?” and the business side of this whole operation was underway.

We call it a business because that is exactly what it is now. You have your owner and you have your mid men and your sellers who flood the Facebook groups selling the product and then you have your worker ants who sit in a warehouse or a small room farming nothing but mills all day long. This business is one filled with fake names stolen identity’s and cash smuggling across state lines to avoid paying the taxes that would follow the massive amounts of profit that have been made all the while taking advantage of the silly American’s to lazy to farm their own cash.

What most people on the Facebook groups are blind to is the fact that although these guys will never scam you, they aren’t in any way what so ever legit. Normally you have people who will sit and say that any form of cheating is bad and those that do it should be banned from all the Facebook groups and pages blindly.

You see each of the farmers who has posted that they can no longer farm may seem innocent enough but the fact of the matter is that they for almost a year now have been using modified version of the game that allowed them to beat the campaign without having to buy even a single part. They would just race though the campaign and at the end snatch up the one gold crate that you are given and then grab the Challenger from the crate with the $250,000 sell back to the game. This done on 10 – 20 devices per person per hour per a room of 20-30 people results in a massive amount of mills to be sold. And while most people will see the American dollars going to these operations as some what small when broken up per employees, what most fail to realize is the conversion ratio in value to their Rupiah. Below is a chart showing the cost difference between America and Indonesia.

As you can clearly see the only two areas where you would see it being cheaper to buy an item in America then it would be in Indonesia would be Milk, as they don’t have may cows and Wine as it’s a specialty item and not a normally maintained item.

Every where else you will see that a dollar will provide a much greater return then their currency could possibly dream of. So even if they only sell $300 of mills in a day and it’s divided between 20 members of the force. You would still be walking away with 200992.50 Rupiah!

Now the main reason behind writing all of this was not just to bring some understanding to the way this whole process works but instead to showcase that these guys who we trust and who we garage vouch and who have earned spots in groups like MVP and Revamped and many others to include some of mine..


In this photo that was provided to us you can clearly see it says “Disqualified”. The reason behind this is because the code that once had been removed has been reverted back into it’s proper place and again is catching cars that are running times they should NOT be able to run and also is preventing the code from slowing the opponent down by changing the computer racers gear ratios or shift pattern.

So each time you see a well known “Legit” mills dealer saying the “price has changed” or that Carbonated “killed farming”, just know they are full of shit. Tell them to get their sorry cheating asses back into the warehouses that this whole process was built on and to get their asses back to grinding mills and farming the old way they created this whole business on. Dollar mills, .90 cent mills, .80 cent mills are nothing more then an exaggerated lie about what they got accustomed to. It’s time for our “Legit” farmers to put in the work like they did before and quit trying to pass on an over charge to the people who have put food on their families players for years. They got lazy and got used to this hacked APK making the farming easy for them and in the long run it’s come to bit them in the ass.

You will notice they are already starting to hurt and have abandoned the $1.00 mills and are already under cutting each other back down to .85 a mill and already at .70 a million. Just stand strong and hold out because eventually the need for American Dollars will out weigh their want to over charge. As for you Farmers since you guys obviously read the site when it’s up and going if you don’t want to get banned quit using modified APK’s to cheat the game.

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